GPS Advertising :

The global positioning system, commonly known as GPS, has opened up brand new doors for advertisement. Before GPS, companies were limited to the advertisement based on locality and certain devices. GPS has opened the door for companies to incorporate advertisements to mobile devices, car GPS devices, WIFI spots and so forth. Mobile marketing is becoming a huge advertisement money maker for companies and is becoming widely adopted and used by organizations and companies. GPS commercial applications by providing the ability to deliver mobile phone users information, entertainment advertisements tailored to their location

One of the main factors in mobile marketing’s success is its reach is so great. Targeting cell phones that span the world, companies are able to place ads that can target specific audiences based on locality, cell phone type, and research data being analyzed. Several if not all, cell phone companies take advantage of
GPS enabled capabilities to attract consumers. GPS allows for this mobile market to survive.

GPS enables local businesses to place ads based on individuals location. GPS-enabled digital billboards are popping up on public transit in major cities. The advertisement on the screen changes as the vehicle moves into new areas which allow location-based selling.