On-site Critical Data Recovery


Onsite data recoverys a wide range of Industries.

On-Site Recovery Services offer a critical service level for in-lab data recovery but we understand that sometimes, for strict security or other company policy, you are not able to courier the media to us or allow us remote access. For those situations, we will go to your site to recover your data.


24-7Critical data recovery service Includes:

• Instant access to our highly experienced
      data recovery technicians

   • Immediate on-site deployment, subject
      to global availability

    •  Client Service Excellence

     •  Highest security and confidentiality measures

     •  No files, no recovery charge policy (other fees
        still apply)

     •  Data quality assurance

     •  Critical recovery services for all brands and
        formats including Network Servers, RAID, NAS,
        SAN, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Backup
        Tape Sets.

     •  Data recovery from corrupt file sets in software
        platforms such as SQL, Oracle and Exchange
        Servers, custom applications and multiple types
        of file systems

On-Site Data Recovery


Contact Us

For 24/7 critical response data recovery services, please dial the following numbers:

North America: 858.210.6716

This service carries a premium upfront charge of $2500 US/EURO.

Now that you have an idea of the services that are right for you, let us help you get started. Call an expert at 1-858-210-6716. Or submit your information and one of our experts will give you a call.